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Sadly, mangoes are not keto-friendly. Their carb count is too high with 50 grams of carbs for 1 mango (source).

To only consume 5 grams of carbs, you could only eat 1/10th of a mango. These 5 carbs will also be mostly all sugar carbs and very little fiber. One whole mango contains only 5.4 grams of fiber.

If you do choose to still purchase a mango, I would strongly suggest that you weigh out each small serving and then freeze each tiny serving. You can also give the rest to family members.

Carb Counts in Different Amounts of Mango

The chart below shows you how many carbs are in mangoes for weight and volume. As a general rule dried fruit per weight will give you more carbs. So consuming dried mango is not keto.

Mango Amount Carbs Fiber
1 Whole (336 grams) 50.4 5.4
1 Cup pieces (165 grams) 24.8 2.64
100 grams 15 1.6
100 grams dried mango 78.6 2.4
data from
varieties of mangoes - The Complete Guide to Mangoes on Keto
Varieties of Mangoes

Green Mangoes

People also ask if green mangoes are keto-friendly. Green mangoes are not keto. There are two types of green mangoes. The names are Kent and Keitt mangoes. Both varieties still have too many carbs.

Red Mangoes

Red mangoes are not keto, as well. These are still too sweet.

Sour Mangoes

Sour mangoes are small unripped green mangoes. Sour mangoes are not keto, even if they are unripe fruit. According to Carb Manager, 1 sour mango contains 88.5 grams of total carbs.

Pickled Mangoes

For 1/4 cup of pickles mangoes, there are about 10 grams of carbs, according to I would say that pickled mangoes are not keto-friendly.

pickled mangoes - The Complete Guide to Mangoes on Keto
Diced pickled mangoes.

Mango Subsititutes

Just because you are eating a keto diet does not mean that you have to miss out on the flavor of mangoes though. There are keto alternatives that you can use to get your fix.

Below is a list of products that you can purchase to enjoy mango flavor on a ketogenic diet.

  1. Drink Enhancers
    1. Peach Mango by Sweetleaf Stevia
    2. Orange Mango by Stur Liquid Water Enhancer
    3. Mango Peach by Mio
    4. Mango Passionfruit by Crystal Lite
  2. Electrolyte Mixes:
    1. ReLyte from Redmond’s Real Salt. If you use code KKN15, you will get this product and others for 15%.
      1. Each serving procides: Magnesium 60mg, Sodium 1000mg, Potassium 500mg, Calcium 75mg, Chloride 1585mg.
    2. Keto Vitals
      1. Each serving provides: Magnesium 125mg, Sodium 200mg, Potassium 500mg, Calcium 100mg.
  3. Mango Sauce would be great to add to chicken or even hamburgers.
  4. Sparkling Water
    1. Bubly brand. I’ve seen this at most grocery stores as well, if you didn’t want to get it from Amazon.
    2. AHA brand. They have a caffine free mango ice tea flavor. I’ve also see these in local stores.
    3. Sparkling Ice brand. They have a orange mango flavor.
  5. Teas
    1. Bag Leaf Tea
    2. Loose Leaf Tea
    3. Ready to drink Peach Mango tea by Steaz
  6. Pork Rinds
    1. Mango Habanero Pork Rinds
  7. Mango Extract
  8. OOO Flavors (flavoried liquid concentrate). This links to their sweet mango flavor.
mangoes sliced and diced open - The Complete Guide to Mangoes on Keto

Make These Recipes into a Mango Flavor

Use my Lemon Mug Cake recipe with mango extract. Add in 1/8 tsp of mango extract and a few drops of monk fruit sweetener instead of the electrolyte mix I mention in the recipe.

I don’t know how much extract you would need but you can play around with amounts in my Creamsicle Cheesecake recipe.

Add some mango extract to these Butter Cookies.

Keto Mango Recipes

Although mango is not keto-friendly, you may be able to get away with using real mangoes in a recipe if you eat very little mango. For each recipe below, make sure to check its carb count and see if it fits into your macros.

Low Carb Mango Bread: This recipe has 12 servings and uses 1/2 cup of sliced mango (source). This amount of mango has 14 carbs and when you divide that by 12, there are only 1.2 total carbs in each slice from the mango itself.

Mango Salsa: This whole recipe has 20 servings and each serving is 1 tablespoon. Each tablespoon has 1.6 carbs. Therefore, the carb count will be low enough for you to enjoy this with some salmon or even a burger topping.

mango salsa over salmon - The Complete Guide to Mangoes on Keto
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