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In this article, I am going to talk about sugar-free jell and go into detail about if no sugar jello is good for you. There will also be answers to common sugar-free gelatin questions.

When deciding if a food is good for you, the steps are to see what ingredients are in the item. Then decide if those ingredients are healthy or not.

As a general rule sugar-free jello is good for you because of the low sugar content and the protein from the gelatin.

The Best no Sugar Jello or Gelatin to Purchase

There are different brands of zero sugar gelatin that you can purchase where the ingredients vary from each other. We will take a look at these differences as well.

The healthiest sugar-free Jello option would be the ready-to-eat one in the cooler section of the grocery store.

The healthiest sugar-free gelatin option would be from the brand Simply Delish.

Lastly, everyone is different in what they are willing to put in their bodies. Some people are okay with red die 40 and others are not.

Ingredients in Sugar-Free Jello

There are two different ways to purchase sugar-free jello. You can buy the ready-to-eat version or the kind in a small box where you have to make it from the powder. Below are the ingredients to both.

Boxed Sugar Free Jello Ingredients

Gelatin, adipic acid, disodium phosphate, maltodextrin, fumaric acid. The following ingredients are 2% or less in the powder: natural and artificial flavor, aspartame* and acesulfame potassium (sweeteners), color dyes.
*Phylketonurics contains phenylalanine.

sugar free lemon jello - Is Sugar-Free Jello Good for You

Ready to Eat Sugar Free Jello Ingredients

Water, gelatin, adipic acid (for tartness), sodium citrate (controls acidity), citric acid (for tartness), aspartame*, and acesulfame potassium (sweetness), and color dyes.
*Phylketonurics contains phenylalanine.

Ready to eat jello - Is Sugar-Free Jello Good for You

Ingredients in Sugar-Free Gelatin

These three brands below are an alternative to the popular brand of gelatin. The best brand in my opinion for ingredients is Simply Delish.

Simply Delish Gelatin Ingredients

Erythritol, carrageenan, citric acid, potassium citrate, natural colors, natural flavor, and stevia extract.

simply delish gelatin - Is Sugar-Free Jello Good for You

Sugar-Free Royal Gelatin Ingredients

Gelatin, fumaric acid, sodium citrate, artificial flavor. The following ingredients are 2% or less in the powder: aspartame*, maltodextrin, acesulfame potassium. Color Dyes.
*Phylketonurics contains phenylalanine.

royal gelain - Is Sugar-Free Jello Good for You

Sugar-Free Food Club Gelatin Ingrdients

Gelatin, maltodextrin, adipic acid, potassium citrate. The following ingredients are 2% or less in the powder: sodium citrate, aspartame*, color dyes, salt, artificial flavoring, benzyl alcohol, triethyl citrate, lactic acid, dimethylpolysiloxane.
*Phylketonurics contains phenylalanine.

Food Cub gelatin - Is Sugar-Free Jello Good for You

What Sweetener is in Sugar Free Jello?

Depending on which type you purchase there are either 2 or 3 sweeteners in the no sugar Jello.

The sweeteners in prepared sugar-free Jello are aspartame and acesulfame potassium. However, the sweeteners in packaged sugar-free Jello are maltodextrin, aspartame, and acesulfame potassium.

Sugar Free Jello and Aspartame

Sugar-free Jello packages do have aspartame in them, as can be seen by the image above.

I could not find a source that could confirm how much aspartame is in zero sugar jello. However, at least they are in the last 2% of the ingredients in the jello and gelatins.

Aspartame does not affect blood sugars (Source 1), however, it still may not be great for your health ( Source 2, Source 3).

Source 2 mentions that after looking at papers between 2000 and 2016, that the safety of this sweetener should be looked at again especially with it’s increased use.

As you can see above, sugar-free jello does have aspartame. However, the Simply Delish brand does not have aspartame in it. Therefore this would be the better brand to buy.

Important Message if You Have PKU

*”For healthy adults, phenylalanine is considered safe in the quantities found naturally in foods. However, individuals with phenylketonuria (PKU) cannot metabolize it and must minimize their intake to prevent adverse health effects.” The quote is taken from:\

Does Sugar Free Jello Raise Blood Sugar

As a general rule, sugar-free jello in a box can raise blood sugar due to maltodextrin in the ingredients. Maltodextrin has a high glycemic index value of 185–105 (Source 4). Therefore, this boxed jello is not good for diabetics.

However, If you purchase the ready-to-eat jello, there is no maltodextrin in it. Therefore, this sugar-free jello will not raise your blood sugar and is great for diabetics.

Sugar Free Jello and Gelatin - Is Sugar-Free Jello Good for You

More Question and Answers about Sugar-Free Jello

Is sugar-free Jello a healthy snack? In general, no sugar jello can be a healthy snack to enjoy while on a keto or low carb diet.

Is sugar-free Jello good for losing weight? Eating no sugar Jello can be good for weight loss, as it provides you with a sweet treat without all the sugar. Allowing sweet-tasting things will help you not feel restricted.

Are there carbs in sugar-free jello? There are 0 carbs in zero sugar Jello. To keep blood sugars low, please buy the premade no sugar Jello due to the maltodextrin in the package kind. It makes it perfect for diabetics, even those who have gestational diabetes and those eating a keto diet.

Can you eat sugar-free Jello on a fast? You can not eat gelain on a fast because there are calories in the gelatin mostly from protein. When you are on a fast, you want to stay away from all calories. Therefore, sugar-free Jello can break your fast.

Does sugar free jello give you diarrhea? As a general rule, sugar-free Jello will not cause diarrhea.

Some people may be affected by aspartame though if consumed too much of it or with certain foods (Souce 5). If people consume too much maltodextrin it can cause a diarrhea affect (Source 6).

Can diabetics have sugar free jello? Diabetics can certainly have no sugar Jello in the ready to eat form due to different sweeteners in this version.

Does sugar free jello have xylitol? This Jello does not have xylitol in it in either form. You can see this from the image above. Always check with what you have on hand or purchase to make sure. Ingredients can change.

Sugar-free jello can be bad for you since the packaged version has maltodextrin and aspartame in it along with color dyes. However, the premade no sugar Jello is a better option.

In summary, sugar-free Jello can be good for you. The best no sugar Jello for keto, diabetics, weight loss is the premade jello found in the cooler section of the grocery store. If you are okay with staying away from the popular brand, the best no sugar gelatin on the market is from Simply Delish.