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For a beautiful low carb dessert with minimal effort, keto chocolate covered strawberries are my go-to. They only take a few basic ingredients, plus a few simple tricks to make sure they look picture-perfect every time. Serve this healthy chocolate covered strawberries recipe for special occasions like Valentine’s Day, a romantic night in, or anytime you want a simple sweet treat!

Why You’ll Love These Keto Chocolate Covered Strawberries

  • Juicy berries with crisp chocolate shell
  • 3 simple ingredients (plus options for add-ins)
  • Quick prep
  • 3.1g net carbs each
  • Easy and impressive
Sugar-free chocolate covered strawberries with nuts and decorations.

Ingredients You’ll Need

This section explains how to choose the best ingredients for keto chocolate covered berries, what each one does in the recipe, and substitution options. For measurements, see the recipe card below.

  • Fresh Strawberries – Use plump ones with a rich red color. Frozen berries will not work.
  • ChocZero Dark Chocolate Chips – The rich flavor of the dark chocolate pairs perfectly with sweet and juicy strawberries!
  • ChocZero White Chocolate Chips – Creates a striking drizzle against the dark chocolate shell. You can also reverse it by dipping the berries into white chocolate and drizzling with the dark chocolate.
  • Optional Garnishes – Including unsweetened coconut and your preferred chopped keto nuts (such as almonds or pecans).

Some people add coconut oil to their chocolate before dipping, but I find that this prevents a hard shell. It requires adding a sweetener separately.

Strawberries and chocolate chips.

How To Make Healthy Chocolate Covered Strawberries

This section shows how to make keto chocolate covered strawberries with step-by-step photos and details about the technique. For full instructions, see the recipe card below.

  • Prep pan and berries. Wash berries and dry thoroughly. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper (wax paper or foil are also fine). Ensure it fits a shelf in your refrigerator. Set aside.
  • Melt chocolate. Heat the ChocZero Sugar-Free Dark Chocolate Chips in the microwave or a double boiler on the stove, stirring frequently. Be careful not to overheat.
Washed strawberries on a plate.

Melted chocolate in bowls.

  • Dip. Dunk strawberries in the chocolate and rotate to cover on all sides. Place onto the lined cookie sheet. If using garnishes (such as chopped nuts), sprinkle on top right away, before the chocolate has hardened.

TIP: A toothpick can make this easier. Stick the toothpick through the top of the strawberry, so you can hold onto it while dipping into the chocolate.

Strawberry dipped in keto chocolate.

Sugar-free chocolate covered strawberries on a parchment lined baking sheet.

  • Decorate. In another microwave-safe bowl, melt white chocolate chips. With a spoon or piping bag with a fine tip, drizzle the white chocolate on top of the dipped berries.
  • Set. Let the berries sit at room temperature until the chocolate is fully hardened. (You can also place them in the fridge, but condensation will form.)
Keto chocolate covered strawberries on a plate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are chocolate covered strawberries keto friendly?

Strawberries are keto, but most chocolate covered strawberries are not, as they are made with conventional chocolate that contains sugar, and often, highly processed vegetable oils. The good news is that it’s easy to make your own keto chocolate covered strawberries with better quality chocolate!

Will chocolate covered strawberries stick to aluminum foil?

No, chocolate covered strawberries shouldn’t stick to foil as long as you let the chocolate fully harden before removing.

Why do chocolate covered strawberries sweat?

Strawberries develop condensation on their chocolate coating when they experience the temperature changes between your cooking area and refrigerator. There are steps you can take to avoid sweating, though. See my storage tips below!

Storage Instructions

Keto chocolate covered strawberries taste best fresh, within a few hours of preparing them. If you serve them this way, avoid refrigerating them to avoid condensation on the chocolate coating.

To refrigerate berries: Store them in a covered container. Layer the bottom of the container with a paper towel, then sprinkle with baking soda. Layer an additional paper towel on top before storing berries. The baking soda will absorb some of the excess condensation — just make sure it does not come into direct contact with the berries.

Can chocolate covered strawberries be frozen?

You can freeze chocolate covered strawberries, but they will not have the best texture. If you do freeze, enjoy them frozen and do not thaw before serving.

Low carb chocolate covered strawberries with nuts and coconut garnishes.

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Reader Favorite Recipes

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Keto Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Keto chocolate covered strawberries taste just like the conventional ones — all with no added sugar! Learn how to make them in minutes.

Prep: 8 minutes

Cook: 2 minutes

Chilling Time 30 minutes

Total: 10 minutes

Servings: 16 (adjust to scale recipe)


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Optional Toppings:

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Tap on the times in the instructions below to start a kitchen timer while you cook.

  1. Wash the strawberries and pat dry with paper towels. Make sure the strawberries are fully dried, or the chocolate won’t stick.

  2. Line a baking sheet or large plate with parchment paper. Make sure it fits in your fridge and set aside.

  3. In a microwave safe bowl, heat the dark chocolate chips in the microwave for 30 seconds. Stir. Repeat the process until the chocolate is fully melted.

  4. Dip the strawberries into the melted chocolate and rotate to cover all sides. Place the strawberries onto the parchment paper and repeat until all the strawberries are covered in chocolate.

  5. Optional step: If adding chopped nuts or shredded coconut, sprinkle onto the strawberries after dipping into the chocolate.

  6. If you want a white chocolate drizzle, melt the white chocolate chips the same way you did for the dark. With a spoon, fork, or a piping bag fitted with a small tip, drizzle the melted white chocolate on the hard chocolate shell of the strawberries. Repeat until all strawberries are decorated.

  7. Set the strawberries aside until fully hardened, about 30 minutes.

Recipe Notes

Serving size: 1 strawberry

Nutrition Facts

Amount per serving. Serving size in recipe notes above.

Calories 109

Fat 8.5g

Protein 0.8g

Total Carbs 12.6g

Net Carbs 3.1g

Fiber 9.5g

Sugar 1.7g

Nutrition facts are provided as a courtesy. Have questions about calculations or why you got a different result? Please see our nutrition policy.

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Keto chocolate covered strawberries recipe pin.