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Finding the right dairy products and milk on keto can be tricky — so where do carbs in coconut milk stand on the spectrum? Is coconut milk keto friendly? Let’s take a close look at carbs in a variety of coconut milk beverages, and how to enjoy their taste on a ketogenic diet.

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Is Coconut Milk Keto Friendly?

Yes, coconut milk is keto! With a high fat content and lower carbohydrates compared to other milk options, you can easily enjoy it on a keto diet.

Is coconut milk low carb as well? Definitely — you can use it in a variety of ways to fit low carb macros.

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Is coconut milk ice cream keto?

Most store-bought coconut milk ice creams will not be keto friendly, as they still contain added sugar to sweeten them. The best solution is to make your own.

Is coconut milk creamer keto friendly?

Some varieties of this nondairy creamer can be keto friendly, but others contain added sugar. Always read labels to know for certain. (Or just make your own keto coffee creamer with coconut milk!)

Is coconut milk powder keto friendly?

This powder is made from dehydrated, unsweetened coconut milk — so it can be keto friendly! Most do not include added sugar, but always check labels to know for certain.

How many carbs in coconut milk? This bottled coconut milk is naturally low in carbs.

How Many Carbs In Coconut Milk?

Does coconut milk have carbs? It does, but the exact count depends on how you get it and whether it contains added sugar. Carbs in unsweetened coconut milk from a can add up to 2 grams total for a 1/3-cup serving [*].

How many carbs in 1 cup coconut milk?

Carbs in 1 cup coconut milk (canned, full fat) clock in at 6 grams total carbs and 6 grams net carbs [*]. The carbohydrate count differs for coconut milk in a carton.

Carton coconut milk carbs (1 cup, unsweetened) add up to 1 gram total and 1 gram net [*].

The chart below summarizes carbs in both carton and canned coconut milks.

Serving Size Total Carbs Net Carbs
1/3 cup, canned, unsweetened 2g 2g
1 cup, canned, unsweetened 6g 6g
1 cup, carton, unsweetened 1g 1g

Can you drink coconut milk on keto diet?

Whether you prefer it from a can or carton, coconut milk for keto makes a safe beverage choice. Just make sure the milk you choose is free from added sugar, and keep track of portions.

Coconut Milk Nutrition Facts & Benefits

Whether you need a nondairy milk alternative or simply want more healthy saturated fats in your diet, coconut milk is a delicious choice. Here are the full nutrition facts for 1 cup of canned coconut milk:

  • 420 calories
  • 42 grams fat
  • 3 grams protein
  • 6 grams total carbs
  • 60 mg sodium

The vast majority of the fats in coconut milk come from medium-chain triglycerides, or MCTs. Some research suggests that MCT fat intake may aid in weight loss, but most of these studies focus on coconut oil instead of coconut milk [*]. Consuming coconut milk has also been linked to a rise in “good” HDL cholesterol [*].

While coconut milk does not naturally contain key nutrients like vitamin A, vitamin D, or calcium, you can usually find them added to carton varieties.

Keto Coconut Milk Recipes

The flavor of coconut milk works well in soups, curries, smoothies, and more. Try them in these keto-friendly recipes!

Scoops of keto chocolate ice cream in a bowl with garnishes

Keto Coconut Milk Ice Cream

This keto chocolate ice cream recipe blends coconut milk from a carton with coconut cream (or heavy cream) for a silky, sweet treat.

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Dairy free coconut yogurt close up in a bowl

Dairy Free Coconut Yogurt

Canned coconut milk transforms into a creamy breakfast favorite — without any added sugar!

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keto pink drink in cups

Keto Pink Drink

This creamy and sweet tea works with heavy cream or coconut milk, and tastes straight out of your favorite coffee shop.

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Bowl of pumpkin soup with garnishes and spoon

Creamy Pumpkin Soup

Seven simple ingredients (including full-fat coconut milk) create an ultra silky soup in just 30 minutes!

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Conclusion: Can You Have Coconut Milk On Keto?

Given the low carbs and healthy fats, coconut milk is a great food choice on a ketogenic diet. Keep carbs in coconut milk low by avoiding added sugar and keeping portions in check.

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How low are carbs in coconut milk? Is coconut milk keto? Get the full answers here, plus a variety of recipes to get all its delicious flavor.

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