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Although many people limit cranberries to their Thanksgiving side dishes, they have so much more to offer! These little berries are a powerful source of nutrients, but are cranberries keto fruits? Let’s take a look at carbs in cranberries, their benefits, and low carb ways to enjoy them at your holiday table and beyond.

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Are Cranberries Keto Friendly?

Fresh cranberries are keto friendly! Since they are naturally lower in sugar than many fruits, they are also lower in carbohydrates.

Are cranberries low carb? The answer is also yes — they are very easy to fit in any carb-conscious way of eating.

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Are dried cranberries keto?

Conventional dried cranberries contain added ingredients like sugar or corn syrup, so they are not keto friendly. However, unsweetened dried cranberries can be keto friendly (as well as homemade sugar free dried cranberries)!

Is cranberry juice keto approved?

Sadly, cranberry juice is not keto. Even unsweetened varieties are too high in carbohydrates to include in traditional keto macros.

Are cranberries keto? These fresh cranberries are naturally keto friendly.

How Many Carbs In Cranberries?

Take a look at macros for a cup of raw cranberries and you’ll notice that they contain fewer carbs than many keto fruits. One cup of whole, raw cranberries contains 12 grams of total carbs [*].

Net carbs in cranberries are even lower — since they contain a generous 3.6 grams of fiber, the same 1-cup serving contains 8.4g net carbs.

How many carbs in cranberry juice?

Like most fruit juices, cranberry juice is high in carbs. A 1-cup serving of unsweetened cranberry juice contains 30.9g total carbs and 30.6g net carbs [*].

How many carbs in dried cranberries?

Conventional dried cranberries are also high in carbs, because of the added sugar. A 1/4 cup serving of these berries clocks in at 33.1g total carbs, and net carbs in dried cranberries add up to 30.1g [*].

How many carbs in cranberry sauce?

Cranberry sauce carbs vary depending on how it was prepared. Pre-made canned cranberry sauce contains 28.3g total carbs and 27.5g net carbs per 1/4 cup serving, most of which come from added sugar [*].

The chart below summarizes carbohydrates in cranberries for all preparations and serving sizes.

Serving Size Total Carbs Net Carbs
1 cup, fresh 12g 8.4g
1 cup, juice 30.9g 30.6g
1/4 cup, dried 33.1g 30.1g
1/4 cup, sauce 28.3g 27.5g

Cranberry Nutrition & Health Benefits

With the right preparation, cranberries are an excellent addition to a keto or low calorie diet. Below are the full cranberry nutrition facts for a 1-cup serving:

  • 46 calories
  • 0.13 grams of fat
  • 0 mg cholesterol
  • 0.46 grams of protein
  • 12 grams of carbohydrate

Cranberries are also rich in:

  • Antioxidants – including vitamin C and vitamin E
  • Proanthocyanidins – polyphenols shown to help treat urinary tract infections (UTIs) [*]
  • Minerals – including copper, which supports healthy blood pressure [*], and manganese

Although cranberries have many benefits, keep servings in check. These berries, especially when concentrated into juice or cranberry extracts, are high in oxalates. Some studies say that consuming these forms of cranberry in excess can increase the risk for kidney stones [*].

Keto Cranberry Recipes

With a naturally tart flavor, cranberries make a delicious addition to sweet and savory recipes. Try them in these dishes — all keto friendly! 

4-Ingredient Sugar-free, Low Carb Cranberry Sauce (Paleo, Gluten-free) - This healthy, sugar-free cranberry sauce recipe requires just 4 ingredients. Made with fresh cranberries and no sugar, it's also low carb, paleo, and gluten-free. Detail: 4-ingredient-sugar-free-low-carb-cranberry-sauce-paleo-gluten-free-1

Keto Cranberry Sauce Recipe

Unlike the canned kind, this easy sauce has no added sugar. Plus, it takes just 4 ingredients and 10 minutes to make!

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Easy Broccoli Cranberry Salad Recipe with Bacon and Walnuts - Even if you know how to make broccoli salad with bacon, this broccoli cranberry salad recipe is a must-try. It has the best broccoli salad dressing! Detail: easy-broccoli-cranberry-salad-recipe-with-bacon-walnuts-5

Broccoli Cranberry Salad

The perfect winter side dish! With fresh broccoli, zesty onion, crisp bacon, and tart cranberries, it has so many layers of flavor.

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Sugar free dried cranberries in a dish

Keto Dried Cranberries

No dehydrator needed! With just your oven, you can make perfectly sweet (and sugar free) dried cranberries — perfect for holiday baking or snacking!

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Close up of kale crunch salad

Kale Crunch Salad

No plain lettuce here! Massaged kale gets a sweet upgrade with dried cranberries and crunchy nuts in this hearty dish.

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Conclusion: Can You Eat Cranberries On Keto?

With low carbs, you can definitely enjoy cranberries on keto! Use keto cranberry recipes and avoid added sugar to make sure they work with your macros.

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Are cranberries keto? How low are carbs in cranberries? This guide has all the answers, complete with classic recipes made keto friendly.

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