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Whether you slather it in peanut butter or run it through the juicer, celery is a cornerstone of traditional “healthy” snacking. But when you’re counting carbs on keto, all vegetables are suspect — even the ones that seem like quality choices. So, is celery keto? Does celery have carbs, even? We’ll talk about carbs in celery here (several kinds!) plus delicious ways to enjoy it on a low carb diet.

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Is Celery Keto Friendly?

You’ll be happy to know that yes, celery is keto! Celery carb counts are low enough that you can enjoy this veggie frequently on a ketogenic diet.

If celery is keto, is celery low carb as well? Yes! It’s very easy to incorporate this veggie into a lower-carb diet.

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Is celery root keto?

If carbs in celery stalk are low enough to be keto, is celery root (a.k.a. celeriac) also keto friendly? It is!

Celery root carbs are very low and make a great addition to a low carb lifestyle.

Is celery juice keto?

Most juice is loaded with sugar and not very keto friendly, but celery juice carbs are low! As long as the juice only contains raw celery, it can fit into a keto diet.

Are carbs in celery high? This raw celery is naturally low in carbs.

How Many Carbs In Celery?

It’s common knowledge that celery has very low calories… but how many carbs does celery have?

Carbs in celery sticks (1 medium stalk) clock in a 1.2 grams total carbs [*]. And since it is so rich in fiber, net carbs in celery add up to just 0.6 grams for the same serving size.

How many carbs in celery juice?

You can enjoy one cup of celery juice for 7.01 grams total carbs and 3.23 grams net carbs [*]. Just make sure the juice contains raw celery and nothing else.

How many carbs in celery root?

Celeriac contains more carbs than raw celery, but they’re still low. 1/2 cup of boiled celeriac contains 4.6 grams total carbs and 3.7 grams net carbs [*].

Serving Size Total Carbs Net Carbs
1 medium stalk 1.2g 0.6g
1 cup, juiced 7.01g 3.23g
1/2 cup celery root 4.6g 3.7g
Are carbs in celery low? Is celery keto? Find out here, complete with these easy low carb celery recipes.

Keto Celery Recipes

Celery adds crunch and subtle flavor to so many recipes — and celery root makes the perfect low carb potato swap! Try them both in these easy dishes.

keto jambalaya in dutch oven

Keto Jambalaya

With lots of zesty flavors, juicy meat, and tender veggies, it’s a lightened-up version of a classic dish!

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keto beef stew in white bowl

Keto Beef Stew

Miss potatoes? Celery root makes the perfect swap for them in this thick stew, without the extra starch.

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sliced corned beef and cabbage with horseradish

Keto Corned Beef & Cabbage

With help from your pressure cooker, make ultra tender meat, cabbage, and celery root all in one pot — perfect for meat and potato lovers!

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Conclusion: Can You Eat Celery On Keto?

Thanks to low carbs in celery, it’s easy to enjoy it on a keto diet! Celery and keto make the perfect pair — just make sure to use it in low carb recipes that fit your macros.

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How high are carbs in celery? Is celery keto? Get all the answers here, complete with delicious low carb ways to use it.

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